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2016 Wireless Independence Now! Workshops

The AT&T Corporate Accessibility Technology Office and the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Wireless Technologies (Wireless RERC) are conducting workshops for people with disabilities, caregivers, and professionals on how to use accessibility features found on smartphones and tablets.

Wireless Independence Now! Workshops are free of charge, open to the public, and are not marketing or sales events. Participants do not need to be AT&T customers in order to attend. CART and Sign Language Interpreters will be provided as needed.

Workshops will focus on accessibility features helpful for the following users:
• People who use hearing aids
• People who use text and video services
• People who have communication difficulties 
• People who have difficulty seeing
• People with attention, concentration, or sensory difficulties
• People with dexterity or mobility impairments 
• Caregivers and Professionals who assist people with disabilities

Workshops will review:
• Accessibility features found on smartphones, phablets, and tablets that use Apple or Android Operating Systems
• Accessibility resources for services, devices, and mobile applications
• Ways to improve the accessibility of devices and services

Workshop Flow (60 – 90 minutes):
1. Introduction and general questions about experiences with phones and tablets 
2. Presentation on accessibility features and resources
3. Breakout sessions – participants paired with workshop staff for hands-on assistance with devices 
4. Exit survey

Wireless Independence Now! Events

Date Location Event
March  23 Sand Diego, CA CSUN 2016
April 29 New York City AT&T Store of the Future
April 30 New Jersey/New York City Abilities Expo
June 13-14 Washington, DC G3ict M-Enabling
June 24 Chicago, IL Abilities Expo
June 25 Chicago, IL AT&T Store of the Future
September 16 Boston, MA Abilitie Expo
September 17 Boston, MA AT&T Store of the Future
TBD Dalas, TX AT&T Store of the Future
TBD Atlanta, GA AT&T Store of the Future

Workshop Presentations

General Disability Presentation

Cognitive Impairment Presentation

Dexterity Impairment Presentation

Hearing Impairment Presentation

Vision Impairment Presentation

We want your feedback if you've atteneded a Wireless Indpendence Now Workshop!  Take our survey to let us know how we did!

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Program Contacts:

• Ben Lippincott – Wireless RERC: (404) 894-7034; ben@imtc.gatech.edu
• Kendra Cox – AT&T Corporate Accessibility Technology Office: kendra.cox@att.com

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